winter season 2018/2019

1.Minestrone soup
Allergens - I
Milan pork ribs
Allergens - A, C, I
2."Palóc" soup
Allergens - A, G, I, K
Filled dumplings in citrus-crumble with cinnamon-sour cream and homemade jam
Allergens - A, G
3.Rhubarb celery cream soup with roasted sunflower seeds
Allergens - A, E, G, H, I
Layered cauliflower with green herbs and homemade sour cream
Allergens - A, G
4.Plum-clove cream soup with vanilla mousse
Allergens - A, G
Parma chicken breast with steak fries and grilled vegetables
Allergens -
5.Frankfurter soup
Allergens - A, G, I
Stuffed meatloaf with rosemary-sugar pea stew
Allergens - A, C, G
6.Strawberry-basil tomato soup
Allergens - A, I
Layered potato balls with homemade sausage and chive-sour cream
Allergens - C, G, I
7.Broccoli cream soup with roasted almonds
Allergens - A, G, H
Hunter's stew with bread dumplings
Allergens - A, C, G, I, K
8.Broad bean soup with sour cream and smoked delights
Allergens - A, G, I, K
Noodles with poppy seed or walnut
Allergens - A, C, E, H

We offer beef broth everyday besides the daily soup for our guests with lunch menu orders.
In case the given day’s main dish is not that appealing to you, feel free to ask for the classic fantastic Wiener Schintzel with potato salad - it’s there for you everyday as a plan B.

Allergens labeling

AGluten - Cereals
BCrustaceans and crustacean products
CEggs and egg products
DFish and fish products
EPeanuts and peanut products
FSoybeans and soybean products
GMilk and dairy products including lactose
ICelery and products thereof
KMustard and products thereof
LSesame seeds and sesame seed products
MSulphur dioxide and sulphites
NLupin and products