winter season 2016/2017

MENU_1Greek salad with marinated feta cheeseConfited duck leg with mashed potatoes, braised cabbage and gravy
Pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkin seedsChicken breast stuffed with tomato and smoked cheese with basil, braised vegetables and butter sauce
 Spaghetti Bolognese
SALAD: Daily salad buffet
DESSERT: Hot apple strudel with vanilla ice cream
MENU_2Tarragon turkey soup with potato dumplingsPork steak with red wine mushroom sauce, cottage cheese polenta and brussels sprout
Broth with various insertsHoney-yogurt-marinated turkey breast steak with fresh mixed salad and balsamic vinaigrette
 Fried chicken nuggets with french fries
SALAD: Daily salad buffet
DESSERT: Poppy seed pancake with hot orange and sour cherry sauce
MENU_3French onion soup with blue cheese toastJuniper vension ragout with red wine and napkin dumplings
Broth with various insertsGrilled chicken breast with steak potato croquettes and creamy mushroom sauce
 Gyros with french fries
SALAD: Daily salad buffet
DESSERT: "Rákóczi" cup cream (sweet cottage cheese with apricot jam)
MENU_4Classic hungarian gulash with noodlesChicken leg polished with rosemary butter and wok vegetables and mashed potato
Smoked virgin carpaccio with mixed saladsSalmon steak with ruccola risotto and basil-tomato sauce
 Spaghetti Carbonara
SALAD: Daily salad buffet
DESSERT: Baileys cheesecake
MENU_5Tarragon vegetable soup with semolina dumblingsBeer roasted pork knuckle with roast potatoes and sauerkraut
Cold fruit soupWrapped turkey breast stuffed with garlic, broccoli and mozzarella with sweet potato fries and fresh mixed salad
 Fried turkey nuggets with steamed rice
SALAD: Daily salad buffet
DESSERT: Strawberry panna cotta
MENU_6Creamy forest mushroom soupHuge schnitzel with french fries or potato salad with mayonaise and schopped vegetables with olive oil
Broth with various insertsProvence chicken ragout with tricolor penne
 Fish fingers with rice and tartar sauce
SALAD: Daily salad buffet
DESSERT: "Somlói" trifle (three types of sponge cake with walnut, pastry cream and chocolate sauce)
MENU_7Styr broth with vegetables, horseradish and meatIn potato flakes baked black sod with pea risotto and tomato sauce
Creamy broccoli soup with toasted almondsLasagne Bolognese with basil tomato sauce
 Fried cheese with french fries and tartar sauce
SALAD: Daily salad buffet
DESSERT: "Gerbaud" balls with ginger and raspberry sauce
MENU_8Tarragon chicken ragout soupPork Milanese
Broth with various insertsRed wine and mushroom beef stew with dumplings
 Cheesy chicken breast strips with steak potatoes
SALAD: Daily salad buffet
DESSERT: Tiramisu