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Austria is a biker paradise. Everyone can find a suitable track for themselves among the diverse levelled, varied length bike routes that go along the most beautiful scenery. As a bonus Austria has excellent infrastructure bike service: bikes for rent, bicycle service centre and of course the Mur-basin cyclist railway.

The Murradweg biking route R2

The Murradweg biking route is the longest from the six styrian riverside bike tours. This road connects Hohen Tauern with the most southern point of Styria, the Bad Radkersburg. There is hardly any tour, that presents the varieties and beauties of the Styria’s landscape, than the Murradweg road.

Route: Mur in Lungau – Murau – Zeltweg – Leoben – Bruck an der Mur – Graz – Bad Radkersburg

Day 1 Tamsweg - Thomatal - Mauternsdorf - Tamsweg (35,5 km)

  • difficulty: easy
  • distance: 35,5 km
  • climb: 251 m
  • slope: 264 m
  • time: 2:46 h
  • the lowest point: 1012 m
  • the highest point: 1147 m

Starting from Tamsweg, we head to the picturesque Thoma Valley to Neuseß and Mauterndorf. It is worth to visit the original medieval Moosham Castle in Mauterndorf. We continue our cycling through Maripfaro back to Tamsweg, which is famous from its medieval old town, where we head to the Murradweg bicycle route.

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Day 2 Tamsweg - Rinegg - Murau (49 km)

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 49 km
  • climb: 476 m
  • slope: 778 m
  • time: 4:30 h
  • the lowest point: 813 m (Murau)
  • the highest point: 1242 m (Krakaudorf)

Starting from Tamsweg, at the foot of the Krakau Mountains, we reach the village of Rinegg. It is worth to visit the Maria Schutz church. The final destination is Murau's delightful, medieval city with a brewery museum, Obermurau Castle and the romantic city centre.

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Day 3 Murau - Scheifling - Judenburg (51,2 km)

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 51,2 km
  • climb: 529 m
  • slope: 643 m
  • time: 4:40 h
  • the lowest point: 693 m (Judenburg)
  • the highest point: 821 m (Murau)

The third section also leads us along the River Mura through Scheifling to Judenburg, where one of the world's tallest and one of Europe's 10 most modern planetaries is located.

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Day 4 Judenburg - Wipfelwanderweg - Seckau - Judenburg (62 km)

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 62 km
  • climb: 610 m
  • slope: 882 m
  • time: 3:41 h
  • the lowest point: 640 m (Kobenz)
  • the highest point: 901 m (Seckau)

From Judenburg we ride uphill to Knittelfeld, where we take a small by-pass to the Raichu Wipfelwanderweg, which is a pedestrian path built above the tree crown. Then we head north and head to the famous Abbey of Seckau. After the Gothic abbey, we go back to the Mura Valley through Unterfarrach to Judenburg.

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Day 5 Oberzeiring - Hohentauern - Oberzeiring (48 km)

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 48 km
  • climb: 357 m
  • slope: 357 m
  • time: 4:10 h
  • the lowest point: 912 m (Oberzeiring)
  • the highest point: 1281 m (Hohentauern)

It is easy to reach the Oberzeiring from the Hohentauer alpine crossing, up to 10% uphill. For the tiredness, the beautiful view and the pleasant backward journey compensate us.

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Day 6 Oberwölz - Katsch an der Mur - Sankt Peter am Kammersberg - Oberwölz (37 km)

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 37 km
  • climb: 650 m
  • slope: 815 m
  • time: 3:23 h
  • the lowest point: 830 m (Oberwölz)
  • the highest point: 1112 m (Rappl)

We begin our tour in Oberwölz, from where we cross the mountain Katsch an der Murig. From there we reach Sankt Peter am Kammersberg by the wonderful serpentines and then return to Oberwölz on the main road.

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