Motorcycle tours

The most beautiful landscapes, fresh mountain air and freedom - this is what you get when you hop on your motorcycle and go on a round trip in Austria. Here are some of our recommendations for a motorcycle trip in Styria.

Day 1. SissiPark – Murau – Obertauern - Hallstatt - Pürgg - Trautenfels - Sölk Pass - SissiPark (313 km)

1. SissiPark - Murau (32,4 km)
The tour goes via the Murau valley, the first station is the medieval town Murau.

2. Murau - Obertauern (62,9 km)
After Murau the road goes up to the mountain to the Radstätter Tauern (1.752 m), after it comes Obertauern, Austria's most famous ski region.

3. Obertauern – Hallstatt (84 km)
The next station is the fabuluos Hallstätter-See and Hallstatt, at the foot of the 3000 m high Dachstein mountains.

4. Hallstatt - Pürgg - Trautenfels (43,9 km)
On the way back to SissiPark, you can stop at the castle Trautenfels, and eat in the Schlossteich Stüberl Fischrestaurant.

5. Pürgg - Trautenfels - Sölk Pass (43,9 km)
At the end the serpentine crosses the Sölk Pass (1788 m), wich was used at prehistoric times of the 18th century as a route for pack animals transporting salt.

6. Sölk Pass – SissiPark (45,4 km)

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Day 2. SissiPark – Friesach – Völkermarkt – Klagenfurt – Villach – Feldkirchen in Kärnten – Glödnitz – Flattnitz – Murau – SissiPark (297 km)

1. SissiPark – Friesach (45,8 km)
The first station of the tour is Friesach, Carinthia's oldest town. The town is famous for its medevial houses and rift system.

2. Friesach – Völkermarkt (50,8 km)
Southbound we arrive to Völkermarkt, where we have a wonderful view of the Middel-Alps.

3. Völkermarkt – Klagenfurt 28,6 km
We reach Klagenfurt, "the city of flowers", at the Wörther lake.

4. Klagenfurt – Villach (38,5 km)
Along the biggest lake of Carinthia, the way goes to Villach.

5. Villach – Feldkirchen in Kärnten (26,4 km)
Villach is an important junction in the Alps. Beside the city there are a lot of lakes, like the Ossiacher See, Silbersee, Vassacher See and Magdalensee.

6. Feldkirchen in Kärnten – Glödnitz (24,2 km)
Along the shore of the swimming lake Ossiachersee, we arrive to Feldkirchen.

7. Glödnitz – Flattnitz (12,8 km)
At Glödnitz there is the Türkenmoos (turkish moss), that is since 1986 in nature protection.

8. Flattnitz – Murau (34,4 km)
En route to Murau it is worth to visit the Woodmuseum of St. Ruprecht ob Murau.

9. Murau – SissiPark (35,3 km)

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Day 3. SissiPark - Hohentauern - Nationalpark Gesäuse - Mariazell - Krapfenberg/Bruck an der Mur - Stift Seckau - SissiPark (320 km)

1. SissiPark - Hohentauern (37,2 km)
We ride up to the Hohentauern pass, wich was already in the 12th century an important merchant road.

2. Hohentauern - Nationalpark Gesäuse - Mariazell (124,8 km)
The Gesäuse National Park is a landscape of breathtaking beauty, with old-growth forest and floodplain forest. We arrive to Mariazell, wich is famous for its basilica and treasure chamber.

3. Mariazell - Kapfenberg - Krapfenberg/Bruck an der Mur (60,6 km)
In Krapfenberg is the medieval castle Oberkrapfenberg worth to visit, and after a short stop in Bruck an der Mur we reach Seckau.

4. Bruck an der Mur - Seckau (49,5 km)
A famous gothic benedictine monastery is situated in Sekau.

5. Seckau - SissiPark (47,9 km)
From Seckau we drive via switchbacks back to SissiPark.

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Day 4. Tag SissiPark - Frauenburg - Sankt Michael in der Obersteiermark - Eisenerz - Altenmarkt bei Sankt Gallen - Windischgarsten - Liezen - Burg Strechau - Hohentauern - SissiPark (286 km)

1. SissiPark - Frauenburg (26,5 km)
The first station of this tour is the medieval castle ruin Frauenburg.

2. Frauenburg - Sankt Michael in der Obersteiermark - Eisenerz (87,3 km)
The unique closed ore mine in Eisenerz with its reddish steps, is the biggest ore surface mining in Central Europe.

3. Eisenerz - Altenmarkt bei Sankt Gallen - Windischgarsten (71,1 km)
From Eisenerz we get to Windischgarsten. In the town we can visit the marketplace, with pretty middle-class houses and the mighty parish church St. Jakob.

4. Windischgarsten - Liezen - Schloss Strechau (35 km)
The next station is the Strechau Castle, the second-largest fortification in Styria. It was remodelled into a Renaissance castle in the middle of the 16th century. Strechau is also home to an impressive collection of historic automobiles.

5. Strechau - Hohentauern - SissiPark (37,2 km)

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Day 5. SissiPark - Stift Sankt Lambrecht - Schloss Moosham - Millstättersee - Weitensfeld - Friesach - Burg Rothenfels - SissiPark (283 km)

1. SissiPark - Stift St. Lambrecht (29,4 km)
The first stop is the monumental monastery St. Lambrecht with its beautiful monastery garden at an altitude of 1028 m.

2. St. Lambrecht - Schloss Moosham (59,5 km)
Across narrow valleys we reach the castle Moosham, a medieval castle in good condition.

3. Schloss Moosham - Millstättersee (52,2 km)
The next stop is the Milstätter lake.

4. Millstättersee - Weitensfeld - Friesach (94,2 km)
Along the shore of the lake, we arrive to Friesach, Carinthia's oldest town.

5. Friesach - Burg Rothenfels (37,8 km)
The castle Rothenfels is a fortress in the rocks, that kept its original view.

6. Burg Rothenfels - SissiPark (11,8 km)

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Day 6. SissiPark - Gellsee - Katsch an der Mur - Sankt Lambrecht - Metnitz - Wildbad Einöd - Neumarkt im Steiermark - SissiPark (128 km)

1. SissiPark - Gellsee (4,4 km)
From SissiPark we drive down to the Gell lake, a little swimming and fishing lake.

2. Gellsee - Katsch an der Mur - Tennwald - Sankt Lambrecht - Engelsdorf - Wildbad Einöd (96,9 km)
At Schönberg-Lachtal we turn upward to the mountains and drive to St. Lambrecht. Along the narrow serpentines we reach after Metnitz the Wildbath Einöd. The healing power of the water in Wildbath Einöd has been known for hundreds of years. Already the physician Paracelsus described its effect, and healing treatments at the mineral spring have been offered in Wildbad since the 15th century.

3. Wildbad Einöd - Neumarkt im Steiermark - SissiPark (35 km)
From Einöd we drive via Neumarkt am Steiermark till SissiPark.

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