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New Year's Eve board dinner menu *

Soups / Appetizer
Lantilgoulash with mustard
Allergen - A, G, K
Spicy "Pork Jelly"
Allergen -
Main dishes
Crispy pork with stewed cabbage with champagne and baked potatoes with onions
Allergen - K, I
Rack of lamb with pink peppercorn crust and with garlic beetroot puree and red grape Roze sauce
Allergen - A, G
"Gold Gumpling" with vanilla sauce
Allergen - A, C, G, H, E

New Year's Eve gourmet selection from the specialties of the surrounding countries *

Scandinavian smoked salmon tartar
Allergen - D, G, K
Spicy trotters rings with horse-radish foam
Allergen - G, K
Crispy beetroot with tuna cream
Allergen - A, C, D, G
Pepper coated vegetable rolls filled with picant cream cheese
Allergen - G
Chicken liver with bacon
Allergen -
Gourmet chees bites with grape
Allergen - G
Egg filled with mint-green peas cream
Allergen - C, G
Ham rolls
Allergen - C, G, K
Hot-dog bites
Allergen -
Parmesan cannoli filled with mascarpone
Allergen - A, C, G
Strawberry-goat cheese bruschetta
Allergen - A, G
Beetroot-apple salad with smoked cream cheese
Allergen - G, H, K
Wildmeat ravioli
Allergen - A, C, G
Dried fruits mozarella rolled in Parma ham
Allergen - G
Mini pancakes with shrimps
Allergen - A, B, C, G
Aubergine cream with smoked kapia paprika
Allergen - G
Virgin carpaccio
Allergen -
Camembert Tart with Herb
Allergen - G
Duck liver paté with cognac
Allergen -
Bruschetta with turkey type "Florence"
Allergen - A, G
Muffin - Amaretto-Pear
Allergen - A, C, E, G, H
Muffin - Currant-Chocolate
Allergen - A, C, E, G, H
Muffin - Honey-Blueberry
Allergen - A, C, E, G, H
Tartlet with vine cream
Allergen - A, C, E, G, H
Tartlet with vanilla and blackberry cream
Allergen - A, C, E, G, H
Brown sugar lentin puree with smoked pork blade shoulder
Allergen - A, G, K
* We reserve the right to change of foods.

Allergen labeling

AGluten - Cereals
BCrustaceans and crustacean products
CEggs and egg products
DFish and fish products
EPeanuts and peanut products
FSoybeans and soybean products
GMilk and dairy products including lactose
ICelery and products thereof
KMustard and products thereof
LSesame seeds and sesame seed products
MSulphur dioxide and sulphites
NLupin and products